Enhance Fitness
(Silver & Fit and Kaiser Permanente Eligible)

Improve physical conditioning levels and decrease the risk of falling with stretching, low-impact aerobics, strength training and balance exercises. Gym-type shoes are required and a water bottle always recommended. Cosponsors: Group Health and Senior Services.
 Instructor: Yu San Gartz
Tue/Thu/Fri Adults Field House
Apr 2-27 8-9am or 9:20-10:20am $48
May 1-31 8-9am or 9:20-10:20am $56

Kokondo Martial Arts 

Learn basic karate including blocks, kicks, and strikes. Emphasis placed on effective street self-defense; students learn to defend themselves against punches, grabs, chokes, bear hugs and more. 
Instructor: Dave Thompson 
Wed/Fri Age 12+ Field House R/NR Apr 5–6:30pm $30/$34 May 5–6:30pm $34/$39 Jun 5–6:30pm $34/$39